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. It's a space for my diary and my favorite story "Mimi o sumaseba" (aka: Whisper of the Heart)
. The space for the movie is a fan space, no intention of intriguing any copyrights

MAY 2003

 May 17, 2003 | Saturday 

Long weekend!! Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!
Looks like everybody come here to Bandung. Crowds, traffic jams, full hotels, and... BIG SALES!! (^^;)
The shopping city Bandung, where I used to feel it nice and easy, now turns out into a dizzy place - just like Jakarta.

Still, though it's been a bit "busy" holidays, I love these days. My friends and family visited me from Jakarta. Now they're already on their way back home. And at a moment like this, I feel a little shocking emptiness. A moment when you realize that no matter how annoying those traffic jams, those times are nice when you're with those you love and love you. And you dare to get through it once, or twice, or thousands times more.

BGM: Tropical Legs, Heart String, & Wishful Thinking (Earl Klugh)


 May 14, 2003 | Wednesday 

For things I've been through, where's the feeling? Yet, I know no more. I feel no more. For only once, if that's the only wish left, please rebirth the dreams.
(Sou ~ Project Daybreak, continues)

01. Wishful Thinking (Earl Klugh)
02. Change of Seasons (Freeman & Chagulco)
03. Think of Myself (FIELD OF VIEW)
04. Bring Me To Life (Evanescence)

Here should be a
Four of Cups


 May 13, 2003 | Tuesday 

Feels like I'm stuck in a moment. Trapped in something which might be shaped by myself. Nah, I don't know.
BGM: Know You By Heart (Dave Koz)

If only my heart is already dead, please be reborn.
BGM: You Make Me Smile (Dave Koz)

[Early X/1999 Subaru: disaffected and angsty, live with the sole purpose of finding Seishirou...]
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