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. It's a space for my diary and my favorite story "Mimi o sumaseba" (aka: Whisper of the Heart)
. The space for the movie is a fan space, no intention of intriguing any copyrights

JUNE 2003

 June 29, 2003 | Sunday 

SUGOOOOIIII!!!! See that? See that rainman SETE GIBERNAU at the longest MotoGP circuit Assen??!!
WOOWW!! I was worry for his bad record on Free Practices and Qualifying Practices, and he started from the 2nd row! Ugh! But once he started the race, he did it very very nicely!!! He's good at wet circuit indeed. But I never thought that he was that good. From 2nd row! And look at the gap! Look at the confidence!

I'm happy! Surprised! You know? It's always good when you love an idol which is not really cared by everybody else, then he/she does something great. That's what happened just now. (^^) Who predicted this? Everybody's talking about Capirossi these days!
Guess I'll never be able to love something that's already loved by many people. To love things common? Really not my type. No challenge. And the sense of wining it, ugh, can't tell you how great it is. Try it - to love something/someone beyond trend, and feel the sense when it's finally shining! (^^) But of course, you have to be selective also, and be honest. It's just that when you love something, even if it's a trend, you should love it because you love it, not because it's a trend. And of course it's not wise to hate something trendy because you're an anti-trend. Every love should come from the heart, that's all.

BGM: 01. Home (Simply Red), it's a... um... very catchy tune, I'll declare it as a song for yesterday's remembrance. (^^) 02. Buses and Trains (Bachelor Girl) 03. Officially Missing You (Tamia), Not really match, but this verse it quite match.

oh can't nobody do it like you
said every little thing you do
hey baby say it stays on my mind
and I, I'm officially...
all I hear is raindrops, and I'm officially missing you


 June 18, 2003 | Wednesday 

Wow it's been a month since my last entry.

Did you watch MotoGP Catalunya? Wooow!! What a race!! Capirossi with his new Ducati was real fast, Rossi was truly awesome, and... my dear Gibernau with his sexy blue Honda was very lucky. I don't mean to be mean, since Sete is my favorite indeed (^^), but he was very lucky for he got the 3rd place. If only Rossi didn't slip, if only Biaggi didn't slip... Well, looks to me Honda should be on guard now, due the fact that Ducati is very fast and Yamaha is catching up closer. Shinya Nakano... he did well on the last 2 series, don't you think?

Speaking about Gibernau... Hm... he might be only a substitute for Kato, or he might be lucky for several times, but he was 16th last year and this year he has already 3 times in podium! Things have changed since the very first round at Suzuka, for every racer. Things have really turned out different. MotoGP 2003 has beaten all predictions. BTW, I'm wondering about Gibernau's  riding style... He's... err... too calm? But maybe this time, it was his calm which made him stand on the podium.

It's been awhile since the last time I was crazy about bike. Yeah, there were times when I loved airplanes (F117A was my favorite), and bikes, and buses... (^^;) Now that I really want to give my forgotten weird likes and dreams a chance. Never give up the dreams, that's what HONDA stated in its advertisement.

But Honda RC211V is rumored unstable, and it's probably also the cause of the accident of Kato. Well, it might be, but IMHO, the circuit took the worst part in that accident. No matter how hard he crashed, he should be fine if the wall was designed safe. The wall was only 1.5 meters from the track! How reckless! The accident may caused by anything, may happened in anyplace, but a circuit should be designed to minimize the harm of the accident.
Suzuka should be only for F1.
Ah, what do I know about circuit anyway? I knew only an irony, and that irony has changed everything.
But, Kato-san, I think your bike is happy now for she has a new good master.

BGM: FRGT/10 (Linkin Park) - this reanimation version of Forgotten is really something!

Recommended movie: Good Will Hunting; pretty old but still worth to give a shot. I thought that kind of idea could only be in a Japanese animation, but I was wrong. Try it. You'll know that the hardest question to answer is "What do you wanna do?" A question which is always asked in anime. A question which I still cannot answer either. A salute for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon for writing such a story.
I think the part which a little bit strange to me is the fact that Will is too extreme. The character is too extreme. Or maybe a movie should build an extreme character to be able to explain the idea? Maybe. Mimi o sumaseba also did extreme things to explain a pretty much the same idea - only in different angle. Very extreme so that these 2 movies kinda drive minds out of the track.
"What do you wanna do? What are you passionate about?" Believe me, it's not an easy question to answer for some people.

"What I wanna do?
Um... things I don't really wanna do are so many, but... things I wanna do..."
(Killua ~ Hunter x Hunter)

"Then come with me. I seek for my dad, and you seek for what you wanna do!"
(Gon ~ Hunter x Hunter)

BGM: 01. Final Distance (Hikaru Utada) 02. Moon Dance (Kitaro)
It's over full moon, but still bright. The midnight sky 2 days ago was the best! Um... perhaps I should sing Somewhere Out There (OST American Tail). I like the mouse version better.

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