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. It's a space for my diary and my favorite story "Mimi o sumaseba" (aka: Whisper of the Heart)
. The space for the movie is a fan space, no intention of intriguing any copyrights

MARCH 2003 WEEK 3 - 4

 March 31, 2003 | Monday 

"Are humans so great? I know how humans are weak, foolish, and low.
They couldn't do anything by themselves.
But as soon as they band together, they beat down anyone who's different from them and think nothing of it.
They revile them and corner them to the very end.
If I'm a demon, then so are they. They're easily manipulated and conformed, and they don't care a bit. They'll just live as if it's none of their business, no matter what happens to you."

(Ren, Fushigi Yuugi OVA II - Chapter 3 Manifestation of Rebirth)

BGM: 01. Bring Me To Life (Evanescence) 02. Omen (Xenogears theme)

A diary is a footnote of history. It'll make us remember things happened, things we thought. It will be a witness for what we were doing, what we were thinking. So that one day when we're on top, we will remember the suffer we had taken and will not let it happen ever again. So that if yesterday we put somebody else in pain, today we won't do it again.

But... will you read a footnote when you're not even reading the book?

History repeated as people kept doing the same mistake. Maybe we should begin to make something different so that the next generation won't get bored when reading their history books and won't think about how foolish their elder generation was.

Another repeated history is being crafted. And I'm a witness.


 March 29, 2003 | Saturday night 

I'm crazy about a song tonight; Bring Me To Life by Evanescence. It's just... SO VERY COOL!! Dark and sexy. The same feeling when I loved Alanis Morisette' song (forgot the title but it was from OST City of Angels). I mean, if only I could sing, I would really wanted to sing this kind of song on the stage. I kinda begin to love those rock hip-hop songs. Rap is good combined with rock vocal, I realized it just now. (^^;) Yeah, now that I'm in love with Linkin Park!! ^____^ But I don't think I can listen to all of their songs. They're too loud, and anything too loud makes me sleepy. (^^;)

BGM: Bring Me To Life (Evanescence)

wake me up, I can't wake up
save me, save me from the nothing I've become
don't let me die here, there must be something wrong
bring me to life


 March 29, 2003 | Saturday 

Finished watching Winter Sonata; a Korean drama. It's a nice drama, though I think there are too many link points in it (the snow, the necklace, the accident, the missing of Eu Jin, the house, the tarot card) - frankly speaking: no special link point that bounds the flow of the story. It's how life of many persons are being played around by a woman - the mother of Jun Sahng (It's how I see this drama. Though she's rarely showed but she's the one who plays the biggest role. Hm... suddenly I wanna read Clamp's X).

As usual, I never (or maybe rarely) love the main character - I'm always interested in the secondary character. Why? Cause a secondary character has a larger area to be explored into another story. In this case is Sahng Hyuk (starred by Park Yong Ha).

Be careful for what you say and do. They might forever change the path of someone's life and his generation's.
(Desumu ~ Project Daybreak, Oct 2002)

BGM: Bring Me To Life (Evanescence, OST Daredevil; what a COOL song!!)


 March 26, 2003 | Wednesday 



 March 25, 2003 | Tuesday 

Final presentation delayed. >_<

Book review: Hadashi no Gen (Keiji Nakazawa); English title: Barefoot Gen. [*Di sini jadi Gen si Kaki Ayam - maksudnya nyeker (barefoot = nyeker) dan ceker itu kan kaki ayam. Tapi lucu juga diterjemahin gitu*] I really wanna know what the writer - and all who were involved in the Project Gen - would think about today's war. Do they still remember the things they had written? An idea of "may it never happen again" about war? I'm just wondering.

WHITE LION LIVE IN CONCERT!! WOOOWW...!!! Sorry for not behave, writing about such an enjoyable thing in a time like this... but I can't help it! I'm soooo excited!! I HAVE TO BE THERE!! [*Jadwal: Bandung, 9 April 2003; Sabuga. White Lion, bo'! White Lion tea!! Huaaa....!!*] Oh, they HAVE TO sing 'Till Death Do Us Part and Farewell To You!!

BGM: 01. the sound of the wind blows through the leaves 02. When The Children Cry (White Lion)

"Who mapped our destiny? Who did? Were we destined to kill each other? Or it's just a thought which has been told from father to son, from one to one, from time to time? So well passed on to that we take it as our belief?"
(Essin ~ Project Daybreak, October 2002)

I never thought there'd be time to quote those words. Don't you think it's funny quoting words from your imaginary character? ^^; Yeah, that time I was enough with those who fool people in the name of "faith" then use them for nothing but their own good.

BTW, Spirited Away gained an Oscar.


 March 21, 2003 | Friday 

I have a new mag. The news in this mag is getting boring from an issue to another. It's always about Ayumi Hamasaki or L'Arc (though I love L'Arc actually). UGH! BORING!! I NEED REFRESHMENT!! I wonder why they're not bored keep writing the same topic??

There's still war there in other part of this world. OUR WORLD! UGH! When your right hand hurts, your body will suffer it. Does the whole world suffer it? Do YOU bother it? Do I bother? Yeah, as an only me, what can I do? Just like with that magazine, as a reader what can I do? Many protests, but they keep writing about the same artists. Readers don't have that much power to change a mag. Guess I don't have that much power to influence heads fulfilled with their own beliefs. I'm just an ordinary (or weird?) people who talk (or write?) too much.

BGM: 01. Gaining through losing (Ken Hirai) 02. Ne (Ryuichi Kawamura) 03. Wake up!! (FOV) 04. Dasenai... tegami (V6) 05. Missing (Everything but the Girl) 06. Unbelievable (EMF)


 March 19, 2003 | Wednesday 

you think you own whatever land you land on
the earth is just a dead thing you can claim
you think the only people who are people
are the people who look and think like you

(Colors of the Wind, OST Pocahontas)

Yeah, you know exactly why I write this!

BGM: Song For Peace (Kitaro), Agreement (Kitaro)

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