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. It's a space for my diary and my favorite story "Mimi o sumaseba" (aka: Whisper of the Heart)
. The space for the movie is a fan space, no intention of intriguing any copyrights

APRIL 2003

 April 30, 2003 | Wednesday 

Life is short and precious. Death is the evidence. For only once we get through life, there's only one thing left when we come to death;  memories. What memories can you give to the people you leave behind?
Life is somehow simply whole heartedly carving today for tomorrow's memories. Yet, I'm searching for the path I'll be willing to do so.

A friend looked very sad knowing the death of Daijiro Kato. She's a fan of him. I knew nothing about him that time. I might not feel the sadness if I didn't watch that news by myself. People in black (attention was especially on his wife and children), and a frame of his smiling face (I wish I had that picture).
A very warm smiling face which people can never see again.

Phakisa Freeway, Welkom, South Africa. Sete Gibernau (Telefonica Movistar Honda) won the 2nd round MotoGP series 2003, dedicated to his late team-mate Kato.

BGM: Melody (the FIELD OF VIEW), a symbol of my missing on something very precious.


 April 19, 2003 | Saturday 

Good morning, morning!
Yesterday I read an article in a game magazine. And surprise!! The original work of Knight of Fire - my favorite Xenogears theme - was actually created by an Indonesian young man! WOW!! His name is Rama. With his limited eye vision, he has maximized his sense of music and produced music for games such as Crono Cross (Radical Dreamer, Voyage), FF I & II (Battle Theme), Xenosaga (Miracle, The Last Battle Theme), Legaia II: Duel Saga (Advancing to Faraway Place), etc. What impress me is the fact that Knight of Fire is my favorite in Xenogears, even when it compares to June Mermaid! (read Archive: February week 3-4) Though I don't know the original work, but this fact is really impressing. (^^) Keep up!!

BGM: Ohayou (Hunter x Hunter op)

me o aketa miru yume, shiranai ashita e hakobu
merry-go-round goes
ohayou tte itte mata yume o misete
shizen na sono ikikata de ii kara sa


 April 17, 2003 | Thursday 

Yesterday, Ring 0. Yeah, at the first hour, I was kinda a little afraid that it would ended up as nothing but a romantic movie. But no, it didn't. After that disappointing The Ring 2, it was quite nice. The main thrilling scene was perfect, though IMHO The Ring's was still really something.
Ring 0 was romantic, touching, and scary. Also, left something unexplained. I like it! And last but not least, a perfect ending song.
Though the story had been way too far from the main idea of "ring" (a deadly video which is circling from one to another - like an unbroken ring, when it's broken then somebody will die), but it had been started from The Ring 2 (The Ring 2 was the worst, for it was not only losing the main idea of ring but also its path was blur and its main thrilling scene was ordinary), so... yeah, just take this Ring 0 as a totally independent story. Those 3 are confusing when gathered anyway.

BGM: finale (L'Arc~en~Ciel)


 April 13, 2003 | Sunday 

Hot sunny Sunday! I finally found the jazz wave I mentioned before. Easy listening jazz is cooling enough for a day like this. Oh, by the way, I just listened to a song of Anita Baker. Ah! So she's a jazz musician! I've been wondering who she is - Anita Baker - favorite artist of Niitsu-san. Hm... not surprising for he's a bassist.

BGM: 01. Oh Girl (Paul Young) 02. Black Bird (Dave Koz)


 April 12, 2003 | Saturday 

News about war in Iraq is still in the radio. Is it over now? I think it is. Now that many countries are trying to participate in reconstruction of Iraq. Ah, what a clear purpose, isn't it... this war? (^^;) About this war, though it took victims, I can't react more than a grin and sweat.
This Destroy and Rebuild Theory has been applied for many years. More and less, this theory is like the BPR (Business Process Reengineering) concept. It's very simple, though it takes a large amount of risk and investment, it'll work. Destroy it first (reason doesn't matter), then take part in rebuilding it, about 10 or 20 years later, it will be as loyal as a slave. But it's only my theory. So, if it exists, maybe the name won't be so cynical. (^^;;)

You are lucky for being born as a Braver, it makes you have right to do anything.
We the Grounder are not more than just complement for this stage so called BUMI.
Just like the house of a spider in the corner of your ceiling - ready to be vanished.
Just like a broom - moved and used, for your room's sanity sake.
(Nago ~ Project Daybreak, Oct 2002)

Still need my advise? Destroy and rebuild. It will keep 'em in our hands.
What's so difficult?
(Garam ~ Project Daybreak, Oct 2002)

We've been fooled and played around. We've been shaped as they wanted us to be.
And we let them do so. I want to stop.
I will stop this silly thought from being regenerated.
By the time we meet each other again, we'll be friends for once and for all.
(Sou ~ Project Daybreak, Oct 2002)

BGM: 01. The first 4 tracks of Period (Luna Sea). This Sou guy reminds me of Kawamura-san  02. Session (Linkin Park) 03. In The End (Linkin Park) 04. Bravery (L'Arc~en~Ciel)
BTW, I failed go to White Lion live show. (>_<)

 April 10, 2003 | Thursday 

I watched The Ring 2, yesterday. The Ring was on the last Wednesday, and The Ring 0 will be on the next Wednesday. (^^) About The Ring, it was really scary. It affected me so much that I couldn't listen to any J-pop and had to sleep without facing my compie's monitor for a couple of days. (^^;) Then I was kinda hoping for the same scary scene in The Ring 2. But I was disappointed.

It supposed to be an urban legend movie. I mean... an urban legend supposed to be scary and affecting, but not be explained!

But The Ring 2 explained everything and made everything seemed to be very logic. How come a logical story be scary? Aren't we supposed to be scared in something unexplained?

BGM: none.


 April 3, 2003 | Thursday 

The news topics in the radios nowadays: the war in Iraq and SARS. But I think SARS thing makes me (and you?) forget about the war.
It's a weird day. The sun shines so bright but it feels like it gives a gloomy atmosphere.

BGM: 01. From Me To You 02. Penny Lane 03. Michelle 04. We Can Work it Out 05. The Long And Winding Road 06. Ticket To Ride 07. Pepperland
Oh, don't tell me you don't know whose songs those are! I thought that easy listening oldies will wash away the gloomy feeling. And I was right! There's a jazz wave in the radio, but I forgot the exact wave and I couldn't find it (^^;). Smooth jazz would also be nice for a time like this.
Oh, in case you don't know, songs are Beatles'.

Hm... I wonder if that's why Linkin Park wants to be more "male oriented". Because they someday want to be some kind of... legend? I mean, look at Beatles. Their songs are never forgotten, their music is followed by many bands. A band will not be remembered for how much female fans crazy about it/member, but for how much influence it can give to the next bands. And since band usually contains of male...
Ah, never mind! I'm just wondering.


 April 2, 2003 | Wednesday 

Holiday! Finally, I have listened to all Linkin Park songs from Hybrid Theory and Meteora, and Reanimation. I'm speechless.

My favorite for now:
Session: SCRATCH!! At the about first 20 seconds, I thought I've ever heard that sound before. It's like a BGM in Rurouni Kenshin 1st OVA.
Faint: oldies, don't you think?
Easier To Run: sweet duet, easy listening.
Somewhere I Belong: love da opening scratch! Though I think it's a little bit "default tune" of LP - you know, kinda Crawling or In The End. BTW, are those Gundam and Zaku in the clip?
Breaking the Habit: scratch, oldies and easy listening?
In The End: rockin' on!!
Papercut: T.O.T.A.L.L.Y..C.O.O.L!! ^____^

BGM: those 7 songs

Funny is, right on the time LP wants to be more "male oriented", I enter their world. Well, in this case, a note for Linkin Park: I ONLY LOVE A SONG WHEN IT SUITS MY EARS AND GIVES A STRANGE FEELING IN MY STOMACH and I ONLY LOVE A BAND WHICH PRODUCES THE KIND OF SONGS.
So don't worry, I'm not interested in your personal life - if that's what you're afraid of from female fans! (^^;)

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