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. It's a space for my diary and my favorite story "Mimi o sumaseba" (aka: Whisper of the Heart)
. The space for the movie is a fan space, no intention of intriguing any copyrights

 July 31, 2003 | Thursday 

Buat yang ngga sabar nunggu terjemahan Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix, gue nyoba nerjemahin itung2 sembari nyiapin EPT Senin besok. He he. Dijamin ngga akan ngerugiin pihak manapun, soalnya gue ngga akan nerusin proses penerjemahan dan peng-upload-an begitu terjemahan resminya keluar! Lagian, 759 halaman 38 bab, bo'! Mustahil juga gue bisa nyelesein, tapi gue akan tetep coba sejauh yang gue... pengen. (^^;) Pokoknya, ini cuma sembari kamu2 nunggu terjemahan resminya terbit!

Oke, silahkan ke sini


 July 28, 2003 | Monday 

Did you watched that?! Did you watched every second of a heart-throbbing scene on GP Germany?! SETE GIBERNAU showing his best performance in this season!!
A . W . E . S . O . M . E ! !

He had won 4 series of the season, yet, yesterday was his best action up to now! It was extremely cool! He started from the 2nd row, 4th soon after, took over one step to another so that he took the 2nd, shortened his gap from Rossi lap by lap both patiently and eagerly, until he passed Rossi at the straight track! He was FAST!! Almost the end of the last lap, Rossi succeeded passing Gibernau, but again, Gibernau took over him at the straight track and touched the finish line FIRST! HE WAS FAST! I bet he felt something in his stomach as a feeling of excitement, when he was fighting Rossi and ended up winning it. He must be feeling it as happy happy weekend!

Another excuse? What now; Rossi caught a cold or his bike wasn't on her best setting or what? Another 'given-winning for Kato remembrance'? OH, GET A GRIP! IT WAS SETE GIBERNAU WHO JUST PROOFED THE WORLD HE COULD BE DANGEROUS EVEN FOR ROSSI!

BTW, I felt sorry for Biaggi for his bad weekend. He was truly awesome too for a bad start, taking over several times from 10 to 3, but... He was fast, but I guess fast was close to both winning and losing.

BGM: You Are Me, I Am You (Dave Koz)


 July 26, 2003 | Saturday 

Did I mention that I'm a big fan of Sirius Black, and I wish that Miss Rowling would write stories about when he was young? DID I? NOW THAT SHE KILLED HIM!

Now that I still can't stop my tears from blackening my eye-vision to my monitor while writing this. IT CAN'T BE HIM! NOT SIRIUS BLACK!

There was a rumor that there'll be someone die in this 5th book. After a few chapters of it, I hardly pushed away the thought that it might be Sirius. In fact, it seemed that no one above Sirius who can give much effect when died. All the way of reading, I kept on whispering, "Please... not him."

Sirius Black is my favorite ever since his first recognition as Harry's godfather, 3rd book. In fact, I used to borrow Harry Potter books from my friend, and that 3rd book was the only book I later bought after I read the borrowed-one. It was him, the character I loved at most from then on. Now that in the 5th book, he appeared again so often, so lively, even there was a scene where he jingled, scene when he once a handsome 5th-year... I should've known and prepared myself that those were only a nice intro before then, a scene when he got Bellatrix's jet of light on his chest...

... Sirius Black was gone for ever. Sirius seemed a million miles away already; even now a part of Harry still believed that if he had only pulled back that veil, he would have found Sirius looking back at him; greeting him, perhaps, with his laugh like bark...

BGM: 01. You Are Me, I Am You (Dave Koz) 02. Every Heart ~ minna no kimochi (BoA)


 July 24, 2003 | Thursday 

I bought Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, after a serial temptation I got. (^^;) I failed to manage my money for a Daijiro Kato Photobook, and bought Harry Potter instead. Well, my order for Daijiro Kato photobook hasn't got any reply yet anyway, and considering that the translated one will be released next year - which surely I won't have a single mind of waiting. So... that thick book is now on my desk. A book with so many never-heard-before English words and phrases. (^^;) But well, it's a novel anyway, would it be more difficult than the books for college? After one week, it's still about 300 pages to come.

How do you see this series of Harry Potter? I love the series!! Why? See, I love any stories about school. Enid Blyton was my favorite; Malory Towers, St. Claire, The Naughtiest Girl at School... they were stories about dormitory school life, which I thought to be typical English-children-books. Harry Potter is exactly like that. The dorms and the competition among them, the sport competition, the teachers with certain attitude, the naughty and full of teasing idea students, and so on. It attracted so much cause it's been awhile since the era of Enid Blyton.

I'm so glad that J.K. Rowling has given rebirth to this kind of story... in a very creative way... a wizardry school. Very out of thought. Then I easily had become a fan of Harry Potter series. Enid Blyton's were the books filling my childhood moments, and it's always nice to have your memories of childhood back on track.
(Well, I hope J.K. Rowling would write another story taking a set on Harry's parents era... I have become  a big fan of Sirius Black ever since the 3rd book! ^_^)

July 23rd. National Day for Children.


 July 18, 2003 | Friday 

BGM: Jazzy tracks!
Actually, I know nothing about jazz. I listen to jazz to build my mood. Well maybe not that kinda core jazz, just a smooth one. Smooth jazz is the kind of music that build your mind back to the mood; it's cooling down, romantic. It doesn't attract much of your attention, it just flows, but it builds a nuance. My collection is not many. But I'll catch up.
01. You Are Me, I Am You (Dave Koz), a little bit Spanish. I'm sensitive with anything Spanish. (^^) Is it Spanish? I'm sorry if I'm wrong. (^^;)
02. Nothing But The Radio On (Dave Koz)
03. Tooi hoshi wo kazoete (Zard), is it jazzy? I don't know, but it is, according to my humble ear.
04. Happy Song (Earl Klugh)
05. So Far From Home (Dave Koz)


 July 16, 2003 | Wednesday 

GP Donington... fate is cruel. Rossi was punished 10 seconds for he didn't see the yellow flag. He ended up in 3rd place. Biaggi 1st, and Gibernau 2nd. Well, I must admit that I'm happy for Gibernau, he did well on QP too. Still, poor Rossi. Poor Melandri... and Ukawa.

Well, that's just how things go. Somebody's tragedy is another's fortune. Our fate is not only in our hands, but also in others. You may have done your best, but the result depends on what others have done. Sometimes you're lucky, sometimes you give that luck to someone else. Our fate is linked one another.

Be careful for what you say and do.
They might forever change the path of somebody's life and his generations'.
(Desumu ~ Project Daybreak, Oct 2002)

BGM: Know You By Heart (Dave Koz)
It's definitely my favorite performance of Dave Koz.

Intermezzo (03) goes here


 July 9, 2003 | Wednesday 

I'll soon leave this city of Bandung. Finally finished my study!! Kinda hard for I have beautiful times here these last 6 months. Oh, I'll miss the sports and music station 93.9FM, the net cafe... ugh, I don't remember there's a complete net cafe in Jakarta. Jakarta is bigger than Bandung, but the net cafes are standard, at the same price! I need more support tools nowadays for now I'm a regular visitor of I can't possibly optimized my access there in a standard net cafe.

But! I'll have my TV! Yes, I don't have my own TV here in my rent-room in Bandung. Don't ask where I watched MotoGP and F1 races here. (^^) Now, everything will be lot easier! I'm not leaving today, but surely before weekend. GP Donington will be on Sunday!

BGM: 01. Brilliant Years 02. metropolis 03. Sayonara (L'Arc~en~Ciel)
I like metropolis, especially the bass, kinda jazzy don't you think?

mata aeru ne
arigatou aishitekurete


 July 8, 2003 | Tuesday 

Eh? Already July? What had happened to me... um... nothing particular. I'm just listening to songs that make me want to write. Songs that give me more like dejavu. Yeah, they get me sentimental air.

BGM: 01. Forever Girl 02. I Don't Want To Leave You Alone Anymore 03. Wishful Thinking (Earl Klugh) 04. Fernando (ABBA)
About the 4th song, well, I have listened to the song these days... quite often. Just because I like Fernando Alonso! (^^;) Yeah, he's the Renault guy whose car was engine failure in the last Sunday F1 GP. Oh, I hate to see that. From a Spaniard to another? What a coincidence.

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