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. It's a space for my diary and my favorite story "Mimi o sumaseba" (aka: Whisper of the Heart)
. The space for the movie is a fan space, no intention of intriguing any copyrights

FEBRUARY 2003 WEEK 1 - 2

 February 14, 2003 | Friday 

Do you know Shingo Katsurayama? I went to his official site yesterday (after a long long time), and it's been renewed!! You should visit its shop section. I was surprised!! A figure of Ichijou!! (^^) I never thought that such a figure can be released! Cute!! [*Katchan ini makin lama makin imut azza, deh! Sekedar info, pemeran Ichijou-san di Kamen Rider KUUGA ini pernah ke Bali buat ambil foto, lho! Waktu itu KUUGA masih diputer di RCTI! Liat aja di bagian POSTCARD, kamu bisa liat beberapa macam set postcard yang foto2nya doi ambil di Bali. Sebenernya gue punya gambar2 doi di Bali, cuma, kalo gue taro di sini, gue bakalan dituntut ngga yah?? Masalah copyright ini bikin gue pussiiiing...!!*] 

I was going to enter its BBS, actually. But it seemed to be closed. I missed my friends; setuna and hal. How are you?? HONTOU NI GOMENNASAI!!

BGM track:
01. Long Long Ago 20th Century, Kamen Rider Black ending theme. I have an unforgettable memory with this song. Kamen Rider Black series were broadcasted every Sunday morning - (12 years ago?). At the same time, I had a cram session at school. Because I loved this song VERY MUCH, I was willing to be late and to sneak into the class just to listen to this song! (^^;)
02. Sailing to the World Yasunori Mitsuda, demo version. I WANT this song full version!!
03. Opening Tsugunai theme, Yasunori Mitsuda.
04. Tsugunai Yasunori Mitsuda.
05. Village Tsugunai theme, Yasunori Mitsuda.
06. Legend Tsugunai theme, Yasunori Mitsuda.
It's a special day, so the BGM list is special too!!


 February 13, 2003 | Thursday 

[*Met Idul Adha semuanya!! Telat ngga papa kan ya? Aduuh kacian deh gue, lebaran kemaren abis sholat Id cuma makan indomie! Yang bikin sate kambing, kirim-kirim doong...!! Diriku pasti akan menerima dengan senang hati!*]

(BGM: Finally!! Strawberry Fields Forever (the Beatles). Yes, the correct title is like this)


 February 10, 2003 | Monday 

Fuih! I did my demo today - I demonstrated a website. It was the first time I had to brought my own CPU, by myself. My friend helped me with my other stuff, but the CPU was my part (kinda heavy, nee). It was the first time I had to plug monitor, keyboard, and mouse by myself (yeah, I think among all of my friends, I was the only one who did it for the first time) - not difficult, I was surprised. Computer is such a nice thing; it has a great poka yoke, so it was just like everybody said "plug and play". But I had a trouble to unplug and plug the printer! Oh, it was annoying!!

The demo itself? Yeah, there're lots I need to do to improve. (^^) My final presentation will be on March... [*doain, yah...!!*] I wonder if I have to do another demo before that? Oh, no!!

(BGM: none. Still I wanna hear "Melody" and "Strawberry Fields")


 February 8, 2003 | Saturday night 

Stop press!! U-ya Asaoka official site! I think it's his blogging site! Asaoka-san' words! A friend said that he's the kind of man who loves computer and internet... so that now he's pretty diligent at blogging? (^^) [*Seneng ngga sih kalo kamu ngebaca blog space idola kamu? Asyik, lagi! Biasanya gue suka mampir di message-nya Seigo Narazaki (dia lucu, lho), atau di mail-nya Hidetoshi Nakata (kalo Hide ini hobinya ngasih referensi lagu/CD yang lagi doi senengin). Sekarang U-ya juga punya blog space, dan doi rajin banget ngisinya!*]

(BGM: none. But I wish I were listening to "Melody" and "Strawberry Fields")


 February 8, 2003 | Saturday 

I miss FOV a lot on the day of my previous entry. I miss their song a lot. I went to their official site - thought that it will never be changed anymore. But it's been changed! It's the biggest picture of FOV ever shown in their site! Check it out! But also... the saddest picture of them. They're the one who asked for not crying, but they're the one who showed such an expression!

I was hoping that I could hear "Melody" sample, but I don't know what's wrong - it's been happening many times - it could not be listened. But I have a new song! I don't know the title - but I think it's "Kimi no koe ga kikitakute". (The net-cafe's PCs rarely got Japanese Text Support installed. And even though I ask it to be installed, next time I go there they will be customized. So... I used a translator to translate a Japanese site.) Back to the song, it's very very surprising!! I never thought that FOV had ever released a song like that!! (guess my knowledge of FOV is still limited?) C O O L ! ! Is it Abe-san on the piano?

BTW, I'm going to take a TOEFL test on Tuesday 18th. I'm very nervous. It'll be my first TOEFL test. I remember when I took my first Nihongo Noryoku Shiken last December - I was desperately unconfident among hundreds of people who took the same test. And I was totally blank at listening section! (sigh) [*makanya gue nulis situs sama diary gue pake bahasa Inggris buat latihan... walo kaya'nya sih ngga maju-maju deh. Tapi daripada ngga pernah dipake? Pokoknya latihan teruus...!!*]

{BGM: Kimi no koe ga kikitakute FIELD OF VIEW. Iroiro omoi ukabu keredo, sukoshi nemurou... In my opinion, this kind of song can be everlasting. You should listen to the interlude!)


 February 6, 2003 | Thursday 

I finally found it! The movie I've always wanted to see "Mimi o sumaseba". The background story is a love story between Seiji Amasawa and Shizuku Tsukishima. The story itself is about finding one thing you want to do. It's been always a classic question. Killua (Hunter x Hunter) is also a character who ask it.

[What am I going to do to be confidently supporting the one I love? How can I whole-heartedly say "gambatte" to someone who's far better than me? What should I do to catch him up?] I think they're points of the movie. And also [finding things you want to do then holding onto it is a time consuming activity, will you give it a shot anyway? What if in the end you find it that you're not good at things you believed you're good at? Or should we just playing it safe, simply by living day by day?]

Well, I'll have a page about it anyway (but it won't be so soon, my schedule is after March), so I'll hold my words. 

(BGM: Country Road; there are 2 "Country Road" in this movie and they're opposite in meaning. I like Shizuku's version. Kaeritai, kaerenai, sayonara country road...)

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